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MEDIAN Diagnostics Inc,
our organization has been growing for 20 years with the goal of One Health.

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    PCR, qPCR

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    Rapid Test

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Total Diagnosis System

Our company is a professional company specializing in in-vitro diagnostic kits
for high-consequence animal diseases such as ASF, FMD, and HPAI and provides various diagnostic solutions for them.

African Swine Fever(ASF)
Total Diagnosis System

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Foot-and-Mouth Disease(FMD)
Total Diagnosis System

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Avian Influenza(AI)
Total Diagnosis System

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Product Information

MEDIAN Diagnostics Inc. produces PCR, Rapid kit, ELISA, Standard Reagent and various raw materials (monoclonal antibody, antigen)
under strict quality control and operation management systems.

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We create a world where humans and animals
can be healthy together.

ELISA Software

Analysis software for convenient data analysis of
VDPro® ELISA products.