VDRG® FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid kit

FMDV serotype specific antigen and common antigen detection


VDRG® FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid kit is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for universal detection of all seven serotypes (PAN) of Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) antigen and simultaneous typing of O, A and Asia 1 serotypes (3Diff) in saliva, tissue or vesicular fluid around lip, tongue, gums, nose, hoof of pig or bovine.


  • Differential diagnosis of 3 different serotypes (O,A,Asia1) of FMD virus
  • Available Rapid kit at field farm condition
  • Applicable to various suspect specimens
  • Concurrent diagnosis both of a FMD virus's common antigen and serotype-specific antigens (O, A, Asia1)

※ APQA(Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency) approved

※ WOAH(World Organisation for Animal Health) certified
 Registration number: WOAH 022029
Intended use FMDV specific serotype antigens detection and FMDV All serotype antigens detection
Test time 15 minutes
Specimens Vesicular fluid, Infected tissue, Saliva and cultivated virus etc.
Species Cattle or pig
Kit components FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid Test Device, Sample Dilution Buffer, Test tube, Swabs, Dropper, Instruction manual


  • 01

    Add 1~4 scales Sample Dilution Buffer depending on sample types to Test Tube using Dropper and process the sample.

  • 02

    Slowy add 4 drops (100ul) of the processed sample solution to position "S1" and "S2" on the test device using a Dropper or micropipette (not provided.)



Product information

Cat No. Product name Packing unit Manual Brochure
PM-FMD-16 VDRG® FMDV 3Diff/PAN Ag Rapid kit 10 Tests/Box Download Download


Subject Download
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) Total Diagnosis System Download
O_SEA_Mya98 lineage foot and mouth disease virus was responsible for an extensive epidemic that occurred in late 2018 in Vietnam Download

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