VDPro® ASFV Ab i-ELISA ver 2.0

African swine fever (ASF) Antibody i-ELISA


VDPro® ASFV Ab i-ELISA ver 2.0 is designed to detect presence of anti-ASFV antibody in pig serum.


  • Serological test for early detection of ASF in pig herd
  • Excellent agreement with the IPT (Indirect Immunoperoxidase Test) reference test
  • High detection ability of antibodies against genotype 2 as well as genotype 1

※ APQA(Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency) approved
Intended use Detection of African swine fever (ASF) antibody
Specimen Serum
Species Pig
Method Indirect ELISA
Coated antigen p30 & p22 recombinant protein

Technical Data


African Swine Fever Total Diagnosis System

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ES-ASF-05 VDPro® ASFV Ab i-ELISA ver2.0 192 Tests, 480 Tests/Box Download Download


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2022_Development of an indirect ELISA against African swine fever virus using two recombinant antigens, partial p22 and p30 Download