VDx® AIV qRT-PCR products

Avian influenza Real-time RT-PCR products


VDx® AIV qRT-PCR products are used for detection and identification of viral RNA of AIV by real-time PCR method.


  • Confirmatory diagnosis of AIV
  • Suitable for screening of AIV outbreak
  • High sensitivity and specificity

※ APQA(Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency) approved
Intended use Detection and identification of Avian influenzavirus (AIV) RNA
Specimens Stool, tissue homogenates (lung, spleen, tonsil), Oral swab, Virus culture
Specimens Poultry (chicken or duck, etc.)
Method Real-time RT-PCR, qRT-PCR

Technical Data


AIV Total Diagnosis System

Product information

Cat No. Product name Packing unit Manual
NP-AIV-38 VDx® AIV M qRT-PCR Ver 2.1 96 Tests/Box median@mediandx.com
NP-AIV-39 VDx® AIV H5 qRT-PCR Ver 2.1 96 Tests/Box median@mediandx.com
NP-AIV-3A VDx® AIV H7 qRT-PCR Ver 2.1 96 Tests/Box median@mediandx.com
NP-AIV-34 VDx® AIV H9 qRT-PCR (Research Use Only, RUO) 96 Tests/Box median@mediandx.com


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