Foot-and-mouth disease virus and Seneca valley virus Antigen ELISA


VDPro® FMDV/SVA Ag ELISA is designed for detection of FMDV/SVA and typing of FMDV type O, A, Asia1. A common FMDV test, detecting any isolates of type O, A, Asia1, SAT1, SAT2, SAT3 and C is also included in the kit.


  • Detection of FMDV serotypes (common, type O, A, Asia1) and Senecavirus A (Seneca valley virus)
  • Differential diagnosis between FMDV and SVA

※ For export (overseas sales) only
Intended use Detection of Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), Senecavirus A (SVA) and FMDV serotyping (Type O, A, Asia1)
Specimens Cell culture supernatant, homogenates of epithelium vesicle, saliva and vesicles fluid samples
Species Cattle and pig
Method Sandwich ELISA
Coated antibody FMDV common, type O, A, Asia1 and SVA specific antibodies

Product information

Cat No. Product name Packing unit Manual
EM-FMD-06 VDPro® FMDV/SVA Ag ELISA 96 Tests/Box Download

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