VDRG® FCoV Ag Rapid kit

Feline coronavirus (FCoV) Antigen Rapid Test


VDRG® FCoV Ag Rapid Kit is a chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Feline coronavirus (FCoV) in feline feces.


  • Fast result within 10 minutes
  • Easy-to-use without equipment

※ For export (overseas sales) only
Intended use Detection of Feline coronavirus (FCoV) antigen
Test time 10 minutes
Specimen Feces
Species Cat
Kit components FCoV Ag Rapid device, Sample dilution buffer, Swabs, Dropper, Instruction manual


  • 01

    Swab the feces from the stool or rectums using the sample collection swab.

  • 02

    Put the sample into the container that contains sample dilution buffer and stir well the solution with a swab in order to extract the virus from the fecal sample thoroughly.



    Place the tube upright until the large particles go down.(20sec.)

  • 04

    Take the supernatant of sample solution using dropper, and then add 4 drops into the sample hole on the test device.

  • 05

    Read test results in 10 minutes.


Product information

Cat No. Product name Packing unit Manual
PF-FCV-13 VDRG® FCoV Ag Rapid kit 10 Tests/Box Download